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About Agents of the Light

FRONT - Raffaello CardsNEW REV


Artwork by Raffaello Di Meglio



Artwork by Anna Linley

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Artwork by Antoinette Martignoni

Creation happened in a state of love and ecstasy.

The Agents of the Light were here from the beginning of the evolution, not only of this world, but of Creation, even before it was a thing of solidity, of matter. 


With every breath of the Creator, sparks of light were given life and subsequently became agents of the Creator’s continuous unfolding desire. Thus began the evolution of our world, the Earth Project, Gaea’s vision and intention.


These agents became the Primordials and Titans, all embodied an equal potential. They each freely chose a specific collaborative role; this effort allowed the system to work in balance. 


Their roles unfolded with a purpose, a vision, and an expression. Collaboration enhanced the individual roles, and the act of sharing manifested as beauty, might, and light. 

Always masters, they retained the essence of their purpose and contribution. In the now they offer guidance, helping us tap into our own mastery, to continue our expansion by reminding us that as sparks of the divine we are all created equal.


​​​The original seed is light, and when we connect to that light, even in times of despair and uncertainty, this light will dispel all doubts and life will flourish. These beings never advocated darkness; they now help us understand the dark. Within this darkness, light can be reflected forward; in darkness, the seed of life germinates, enhancing the great possibilities of new life.

The Seed


What lies within, waiting to emerge, there, a timeless



Born with this knowledge, we grow to fill the

space around


With life, weaving its patterns, some we create,

some we are given


Slowly, we begin to feel…a stirring, a spark that

ignites our true spirit


Returning to the source, where all began, we create

again from our own seed.

                                                                       -Cindy Marcus


When the essence of all is simply love, and when we truly accept and embrace the great love within us, it permeates actions, journeys, unions, self-discovery, and personal empowerment—leaving room only for well-being and all that we desire.


​​With the acknowledgment that everyone is special and gifted in their own way, we can, with love, embrace all and step into our full potential. This is the only way to truly affect the future of humanity.


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