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Raffaello THAUMAS.jpg

Artwork by Raffaello Di Meglio

Anna THAUMAS.jpg

Artwork by Anna Linley

Antoinette THAUMAS.jpg

Artwork by Antoinette Martignoni

These images represent three aspects of Thaumas as expressed through

beauty and power for the expansion of human evolution.

The Wondrous


The Beauty and Power in Water


Creation Aspect

New-Generation Titan/Pontos Lineage





Color Essence

Kaleidoscope of Colors



Art, Colors, Magic, Music, Songs, Power of the Voice,

Electricity, Brilliant Mind, Healing, Beauty,

Artistic Mastery, Alchemy, Power of Water


Thaumas shows us the power and healing aspects of water and can stimulate the magician within us when needed. He uses the power of water to create magic.


“As Thaumas, we would like you to know that within each of you there is a great sense of wonder, of individual power that can help you understand the physician, the healer, the artist within who can at any time be an active participant on the planet.”

Thaumas shows us the artistic mastery in nature, specifically in the element of water, so when we capture that beauty in nature we can create a kaleidoscope of great images to share with humanity and the world—as an artist, as an inventor, as a performer. Being the alchemist, he can help us bring it all together in a beautiful composition.


Thaumas captures the light of the sun and brings it into the deepest recesses of water. In that process, the intertwining flow of currents creates a kaleidoscope of colors and energies. The energy created then helps the fauna of the oceans follow their own journeys within the larger currents.


Thaumas is a guide who promotes great flow within us, inspiring a vision that manifests as a beautiful work of art or an image that’s healing to the eyes—a work of art that has strength, substance, and beauty.


A magician of the arts, Thaumas can inspire artists in the choice and use of colors in their work. He helps them understand the meaning of each color in order to effectively use them for healing, for art, or to surround themselves with color as needed to uplift their mood from sadness or sorrow to one of happiness, or when they simply need inspiration.


With his consort, Elektra, they extract circuits of electricity from water to make them readily available for humanity’s use in creation and to give us the physical light and the power so relied upon in our natural world.


Thaumas holds within himself the understanding of harmonics in the power of music, either through voice or through composition. Through the different currents of light, color, or electricity, he can create sounds of harmony and power in a kaleidoscope of colors that work together.


I ask Thaumas for help when:

• I need inspiration

• I need guidance on the healing aspects of each color

• I would like my inner melody to be brought forward for the world to hear

• I would like to connect and be inspired by the artistic aspects of nature and the element of water so that I can create beauty in art


Thaumas urges me to accept my wondrous role in creation and the world I live in by connecting with the exceptional energies and ideas that I carry within me and allowing them to come forward.




Th e sea of light is constant, resplendent, infused

with light


A powerful kaleidoscope of energies, swirling

and merging


Colors explode, a wondrous voice emerges, melodic

and brilliant


Hope awaits all who encounter this marvelous



Th e senses awaken, ignited within and without,

the sea calms.

                                                                       -Cindy Marcus

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