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December 2022:  Webb Telescope Insights

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Can you share any insights about what the Webb telescope is finding?


The Agents of the Light coming through are Hyperion, Aether, and Ouranos. They are all Beings of Light, Agents of Light who deal with the higher aspect of Creation. Not height meaning the higher aspect of Consciousness, but in actual height – they are part of the Sky and the multitude of Universes.


They are all saying that something is going to be revealed in the next three years that will create a change, not in perception but in assuring us that we are already in connection with other Beings - Beings who do not necessarily have features that we recognize as human. They don’t like to be called aliens because that makes them alien. They like to be addressed as part of this Creation and all are very much in harmony. The ones who are not in harmony will not be allowed to come through. The Guardians of the Ages are Beings of great power who will not allow anything that is negative for this planet because this planet was created in beauty and beauty will be preserved for millennium to come.


We said in three years an approach will be made and not revealed right away. But in actually that approach will just be the beginning.


But what is being connected to, even now, is creating a whole new reality. New things are coming through that will bring changes in healing (both known and unknown processes), in innovations of all kinds, and in velocity of thoughts. The speed of change will be accelerated as the density of the energetic environment will decrease, allowing thoughts and ideas to be communicated and transformed into reality more easily.


So be very aware of this connection to these other worlds. Ouranos tells us that there is a certainty in the connection that has now been established through the telescope images which are now being studied. Aether and Hyperion reinforce that clarity and certainty will be coming through.


We say to you be very clear that much cooperation and collaboration is coming through for this world to then receive all of the information that is needed to eradicate all impurities, many densities, and many things that have created so many uncertainties.

From the essence of these three pioneers of Light we say to you be confident and collaborate in projecting light towards those discoveries and revelations because much is at hand for the solution for many of humanity’s concerns.


From Ouranos, Aether, and Hyperion.


[transcribed & edited by Lisa Jacoby]