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September 2022: There are concerns around the world about the challenges to democracy and its survival. Can you give us any insights as to how things will unfold in the coming year? 

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The full Council and the Guardians of the Ages are here. The energy of four Agents come forward—Ananke, who represents inevitability and the cycles of trust, Ouranos, who evokes Universal wisdom and the light, Cronos, who has concerns about authority, and Themis, who embodies the scales of justice holding fast and the return to balance.


We see that your question is immediate and concerning. In this Cosmic Day of your cycle of evolution, it appears that many different events have led to a new reality.

People now are constantly having to navigate through so many occurrences that feature truth or non-truth. We want you to know that this phenomenon has occurred before, was cycled through and corrected. These times are also telling all of you to be energetically engaged and to positively project the corrections that you desire. But, in those thoughts it is important to see the correction that benefits everyone on the planet and not just you personally or with just those who agree with you. Through collaboration and beauty there will be so much achieved because it involves the energy, the thoughts and the power of everyone who was created in this cycle of time.

Even though so many things are happening at this time, it is important to know that much has already been decided by higher sources. They want to see this planet as one of collaboration where beauty reigns over all things from nature to spirit—with expanded thoughts and accepted ideas to then be used for the benefit of all. These thoughts and ideas are no longer just philosophies, they are essential for the evolution of this planet. It is within the essence of each individual who has come here to express and enjoy beauty, to experience the extraordinary metamorphosis of life from birth to transition to spirit.


Ananke says that a progression was put into place a long time ago that gave humanity much freedom. Unfortunately, we still do not see this everywhere in your world. But, through that freedom of expression, of action, you have also been given the power to make things right and beneficial for all. Exercise your power!


Now, returning to your concerns about the future of democracy—you will have democracy! Themis is also saying that even though there are negative vortexes of energy causing the Scales of Justice to be in flux, we are strongly holding them. There will be a return to balance and stability. These negative vortexes that have been experienced throughout the world were created by voices who want to desperately silence the voices of others. You will see that those voices will soon lose their power; this correction is in place. Will you see a fall of democracy-NO! Be assured that in the new cycles coming, this will not be permitted. Extraordinary times will have extraordinary remedies.


From Cronos—also know that when you hold power through untruth, you are doing that on sand, not on solid ground. Soon that will collapse. How soon you ask? We say that some cycles are important to be experienced but know that they are not forever.


Perhaps you may want to ask if we see the end of democracy in the next three years here in the United States? NO, you will not! This is because the new cycle of realigning and recovery from the peril we – “we” in the extended sense - have experienced and watched unfold, has already begun. The present cycle has already been slowed down and a stop to its progression will happen soon.


Ananke reminds us to look at the cycles that came before and you will see that in the end the rewards were for the benefit of all of humanity and not for just the few.


Ouranos, who brings the extended light from a multiverse of energy, brings the message that all is well for the future of humanity. But—do not forget for one moment that your actions are not needed! Your actions are necessary every day and you can make a difference. As you extend forward your positive thoughts and healing energy, other people will receive that energy. The impact may be on a small or large scale, but it will always be received. Remember that you have the tools and the power to make this happen.


We say to you today, do not allow negative thoughts surrounding the future of humanity to take over your conscious mind. The future of humanity is assured because the Cosmic Day is not over—it is in full bright light! All the celestial Luminaries are enhancing that brightness even more so that everyone can see that beauty and personal power are with you now and as you move forward. With this assurance given, the world will not go into a negative space—remember to empower the truth and what benefits all of humanity.


From Ananke, Themis, Cronos and Ouranos

[translated & edited by Cindy Marcus]

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