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Artwork by Antoinette Martignoni

Artwork by Anna Linley

Artwork by Raffaello Di Meglio

January 2023 Insights

Can you give us an update on the war in Ukraine and how much longer will the conflict continue?

Two Agents come forward, Crius, who is the cosmic strategist, and his brother Japetus, who brings to humanity the concept that all is possible when there is cooperation and collaboration.


Crius, as the master guide, as the master Agent, has within himself the knowledge of a multitude of answers. He says that there are many beliefs, thoughts and missteps of the past that need to be reviewed and rectified. When that occurs, then all the existing barriers, those walls of steel, preventing communication will collapse. This will allow new thoughts, ideas and possibilities to become readily available.


There are also emissaries from Spirit that are coming through and they are acting as agents of peace, communication, and collaboration to help end this conflict. There are so many crosscurrents of thoughts and ideas at this time making this process more difficult to attain than it should be. This conflict should already have ended. At this time communication is constrained—there is less empathy and there are things that are not being expressed or revealed. This is pushing the conclusion of the conflict further down the road.


We want you to know that at this time many people are beginning to realize and see the futility of the conflict, especially for those who are trying to gain power. This will not be allowed to continue for too long. A conclusion, a resolution is at hand and there will be a sudden occurrence that will shock the world.


From Crius and Japetus.

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