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The AOTL Project is brought to you with LOVE by:

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Antoinette Martignoni – Project Co-Creator, Artist, Channel

As a very curious person I eagerly came into this project to experience other dimensions, to explore my connection to Gaea and to the other cosmic beings. I began to discover how their collaboration brought forth beauty and power for the benefit of the Earth Project and of humanity.

Having drawn Inner Portraits for individuals for more than twenty-five years I had learned to open myself up as a channel. This ability became a gift which enabled me to see and share a representation of each person’s unique inner beauty. This gift also allowed me to portray otherworldly beauty: of intent, of expansion, of empowerment.

Always looking to expand into something new and different and meaningful to the heart and the eye, my mantra in life has been “just show up.” Accepting my role in this project to accurately portray these Agents of the Light in their full beauty and power, I began to understand my own connection to the origin of creation and its unfolding, along with my understanding of the Agents’ great, and continuously held desire to help humanity.

Raffaello Di Meglio – Project Co-Creator, Channel, Artist, Writer

Highly curious from a young age, I began to explore and research the “Unseeing World” (both intuitively and from books), studying everything from religion to the world of the mystics. Destiny led me to study and share spiritual teachings and guidance, always with the intention of helping others make sense of life in this world and to understand that each one of us is important for the evolution of this system we call creation.

I work with individuals, guiding them to understand their personal connection to the divine, through reading their Akashic Records, channeling, and identifying aspects of their higher selves (including personal sounds to help them understand their cosmic mission). Drawn to art, beauty, music, and poetry, I found myself for the first time exploring my own artistic potential in this project.

However, my connection to these Agents of the Light has gone beyond the project. Through their voice and presence I have been able to experience their assurance that all is possible. Recognizing that beauty is at the core of everything has allowed me to bring into reality all of those things I thought were meant for other people. My ultimate realization is that when we shift our consciousness from the “impossible” to the “possible,” then all that we desire in life can be achieved.

Lisa Jacoby – Project Co-Creator, Facilitator, Writer, Editor

I have worn many hats in this lifetime, the most common that of facilitator. With a background as a corporate executive, holistic health magazine publisher, and a personal and professional coach, I had the opportunity to bring all of my skills and interests together for this magical project.

Curiosity has been at the core of my life, leading me to explore and experience life from many different perspectives. I have studied with many spiritual masters and studied many spiritual teachings over the years. My personal connection with Antoinette and the entire AOTL team has been a transformational experience, one that has allowed for tremendous growth.

Helping to bring this project to fruition has been a gift on many levels and I am grateful for the deep friendships, teachings, and understandings that have unfolded, working alongside my Agents of the Light colleagues, as well as from the Energies themselves.

Anna Linley – Mandala Artist, Channel, Editor

I was first exposed to creating works of art in 2003, as a member of a women’s group who used painting as healing therapy, which spanned five years. In 2008 I joined the Agents of the Light group. Here I found that connecting to and exploring the energy of the light beings brought about a shift in my drawings. In the past my drawings were abstract in nature, but being present in the collective energies of this group, I found myself focusing on geometric designs in the form of mandalas.

I gained more confidence as my natural artistic abilities blossomed. My mandalas depict the expression of each light being’s beauty as I was guided while drawing. Being part of this group has been instrumental in continuing to build my self-confidence, intuitive abilities, and spirituality. It has changed how I view the world around me, in that I look for the beauty and positive aspects in most everything.

In 2021 I started channeling meditations I received from the light beings. These are guided meditations that can be used with each light being’s mandala (see cards). The meditations may be used by the reader to interact with the light being and to ask for their help.

​I am a retired business professional and a Jikiden Reiki practitioner. Since 2011 I have volunteer in a number of nursing homes in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Cindy Marcus – Poet, Channel, Writer, Copy Editor


A confession: I never enjoyed poetry, I never really understood what it was all about. And so it was, until 2010. I had recently lost my first dog, Charly, a sweet old soul. Devastated, inconsolable, when from deep within, a poem came to me. That’s how it began—a way to find words, brief yet weighty, to express my emotions.


It was early 2011, we were all out celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday. I recall the interchange vividly. Raffaello was seated on my left, Anna to my right. He turned to me and said something like this: “I think you should come join us and write poetry.” And so I accepted . . . rather timidly.


Through the years I was given unconditional support and trust, and yes, love. This enabled me to trust myself—to receive the words that expressed the essence of the Agents of the Light.


I have deep gratitude for all I have been given and allowed myself to receive. It is my hope that you have a beautiful experience—it is waiting for you.


Brief History: NYC school teacher, Chiropractor, Zero Balancer, Poet and reformed poetry lover, and Proud Golden Retriever Mom




Sitting on the edge, what is there

to see?

Poised, about to fly, off in to

the rest

Unknown, fragile, often desired,


Let it evolve, emerge, coalesce, become


Ah, the poet within, my deep self,

leap, jump

All that you are, all that you are meant

to be

Just jump, nothing to lose, everything

to lose?

Let your spirit soar, it has wings,

white wings

The purity of your soul, imagined, infused

for eons

Stoke the fires within, it is you, truly

you, let go.

Raffaello Di Meglio, Lisa Jacoby, Anna Linley, Cindy Marcus

Antoinette Martignoni (pictured)

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